Virtual Reality – The Future is Now!


Source: Screenshot from video

Between Alton Towers introducing the new Virtual Reality Rollercoaster ‘Galactica’ and the release of many VR headsets coming this year, it’s difficult not to think that we’ve reached a brand new era in virtual reality technology. It’s never been easier for anyone to experience VR for themselves, and we’re beginning to see virtual reality adopted beyond the realms of gaming. It’s 2016, and the future is now.

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The Bootleg Bin – Zone Mini Games Console

Zone Mini

Last year, I spent some time collecting bad bootleg consoles. Whilst I can’t promise this is going to be a regular feature, bootleg tech might be something I look into further. The ‘Zone’ line of video “game consoles” (a phrase which I use egregiously) are all basically knock-offs of the Wii. How they’ve managed to churn out seven of these things is a mystery to all, but today we’ll be looking at the Zone Mini, a miniature version of the Zone console. View Full Post

Amazon £50 Fire Tablet Review

Fire Tablet

Are you looking for a great new tablet that you can do your work on, play games on, read books with, watch tv shows and has a great battery life for a budget price? Well, if you find one, please tell me where, and I’ll travel there using my flying pug*. Until then,  you might be interested in the Amazon Fire Tablet, which can do some of those things at least, but for £50, is it worth buying? View Full Post

Guinea Pigs Behind Planned 24 Hour Facebook Blackout

Last night, Facebook confirmed that they’re going ahead with a planned “blackout” which will happen next month. The blackout will reportedly last 24 hours, starting 8pm PST on May 4th (4AM GMT May 5th in the UK).

Guinea Pig

Pictured: A Guinea Pig that’s not in a server

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An Update From Gadget Show Live


I’m currently sat in the press office at Gadget Show Live, after having a fun (and tiring) six hours of exploring the convention site. Whilst there’s still a few hours left, I wanted to take some time to sit down, rest my feet, and type out a quick update of my thoughts and feelings thus far. View Full Post