Beer52 Unboxing and Review (October)

Beer52 Box

Craft beers have been on the rise in popularity more and more over the last five to ten years. In fact, five years ago, I shot a documentary as part of a University project that focused on craft beer and ale, as well as the rising trend in pub culture, with more bars and pubs opening up that solely specialised in craft beers. Of course, it can sometimes be difficult to find craft beers away from the bar.

Even if your local supermarket sells craft beers, you may find the prices expensive and the range limiting, meaning it’s more difficult to find new and interesting flavours. This is where Beer52 comes in. Beer52 is a monthly subscription service where they will send you 8 fine craft beers and ales under a different monthly theme, allowing you to try flavours you may have never thought or known about before getting the box.

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PlayStation VR – The Future of Play

PlayStation VR Headset

Virtual Reality. It’s a subject that I’ve covered more than once on this blog. Most of my experiences up to now haven’t been overly fulfilling. I’ve tested the Oculus rift with a number of different peripherals, but the games didn’t feel engaging and a lot of the peripherals actually took you out of the experience, instead of adding to it. Then, of course, is the slew of mobile games for the cheap “at home” VR experience, and whilst it might be fun to go on the VR Rollercoaster once, it soon loses it’s thrill ride when there’s nothing to engage with. This, at the moment, is the biggest flaw in VR gaming. The lack of engagement within the game…

Last week, I got the chance to go and test out the upcoming PlayStation VR… And I’m glad to say that things are about to change.

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Nomad Leather Charging Wallet Review

Nomad Bi-Fold Wallet

One of the biggest issues facing both tech lovers and everyday users alike is the need for more battery life when it comes to your iPhone. Whether it’s wanting to make sure you have music to listen to on that four hour train ride, or being able to phone a cab after a long night of dancing, sometimes the standard battery capacity just isn’t enough, and when you don’t have access to a power source, this can leave you in a difficult position. Of course, many have attempted to resolve this issue before. Power banks, whilst useful, tend just to take up room, and whilst battery phone cases allow you to charge your phone from its case, these often come with the drawback of making your phone much bigger, and well… They aren’t very stylish. Luckily, there is an option out there for those who want to charge their phone on the go, and look good doing it. Introducing… The Leather Charging Wallet by Nomad.

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“Should I Start Collecting POP Funko Figures?”

Spider-Gwen, Chandra, Genie, Spider-Man and Stan Lee POP Funkos

So I think it’s fair that most of my regular readers probably know I’m a bit of a nerd, by which I mean I have a keyblade hanging off my wall. So today I have decided to answer the age old question many will eventually ask themselves… “Should I start collecting POP Funko Figures?”. POP Funko’s are vinyl figurines mainly¬†based off pop culture characters, and encompasses many many brands, shows and films, such as DC, Marvel, Disney, Magic the Gathering, Fallout, American Horror Story, and many many many more. The figures are stylised with overly large heads, giving a vague “chibi” aesthetic, and have been growing in popularity over the past five or so years. View Full Post